Your pursuit of happiness will meet its greatest challenge if you live in this Illinois city that was just dubbed one of the 10 most miserable US cities.

The Most Miserable Cities in America

The 50 most miserable cities were just ranked by the website using census data. In our portion of the Midwest, you'll find one Wisconsin city in the top 30 and only one Illinois city. The most miserable city, according to this ranking, couldn't be any closer to Illinois, the top honor goes to Gary.

Gary, Indiana is The Most Miserable City in America

To compile the list, Our Health Depot used census data. Here are the facts about Gary, IN.

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  • Median household income $29,300
  • Income per capita is $16,907, 43% below the national average
  • 35.8% of Gary lives below the poverty level
  • Unemployment rate is 4.7% (that's 86% higher than the national average)
  • Median home value is around $65,000 (that's 65% lower than national values)

Milwaukee, WI is the 26th most miserable city in America, here are the numbers behind the ranking, according to census data:

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  • Milwaukee's Violent crime is 271% higher than the national average
  • 27.4% live below the poverty level
  • Unemployment is 40% higher than the national average
  • Median household income of $38,289
  • Income per capita is $20,630 (lower than the national average)

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The state of Illinois has only one city on this miserable list.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

Cicero, Illinois is the 10th Most Miserable City in America

Here's the census data that mattered most to the list makers

  • Income per capita is 48% below the national average
  • Unemployment is 41% above the national rate
  • Only 65.9% of the population in the workforce
  • Population of Cicero has decreased by 3.1% to 81,597 residents
  • Median income is $44,110

I'm surprised at the high ranking, given the numbers above are much worse for many other cities, and these pluses that Our Health Depot mentioned,

Both property and overall crime are below the national average while violent crime is equal to the national average.

If you want to avoid Cicero, let me suggest the happiest city in Illinois, Aurora.

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