At-home security cameras are intended for family safety, but on occasion, people see some pretty strange things.

Depending on how you feel about ghosts, this either amazing or completely and totally fake.

Jennifer Hodge shared a story on her Facebook page that will give you chills. She said she was watching a TV show with her daughter late at night when after midnight she received a message from her security system.

The message read: "Person Spotted in Entryway." 

When Hodge saw what the security camera captured she was blown away. Hodge believes it's the ghost of her son Robbie who died in 2016.

Hodge told Yahoo, she "and her daughter ran to the kitchen, even though they were terrified. However, no one was there and there was no sign of a break-in."

She added, "We have no clue what to think about all this but so happy to be able to know my beautiful boy is always with us."

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