Rockford supposedly has its share of haunted locations throughout the city. These people are doing their best to prove that to you.

The only problem is this concept is a little difficult to believe when we never see a ghost in any of the videos.

Here are the five worst videos of haunted Rockford places we found on YouTube.

1. Foul-Mouthed Spirit at Veterans Memorial Hall

This spirit supposedly captured in this 2012 video of Veterans Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main Street, was not happy. Seriously David, get the f--- out of there.

2. Ghost Trapped In Cemetery

This ghost just wants to get out of the cemetery. He's gets no help from the narrator who informs us "that's gotta suck."

3. Big Ghost On Campus at Rockford University

These guys do a great job explaining the history behind this archway at Rockford University. They decided to skip their ghost hunt in favor coming back when it's warmer. "Maybe we'll do it on a date when the college isn't in session so we don't have to worry about students coming and going." Spoiler alert: There are no students in this video.

4. Maybe The Ghost Was Shopping at Schnucks

This video from "Ghosthunter Dan" chronicles his second trip to Twin Sisters Park in Rockford. He and his partner, Rob, didn't see anything last time, so Dan thought it would be a great idea to check out the area again in 18-degree weather. He never sees a ghost, but does see what he claims is a fox and the outside of a Schnucks store.

5. The Ghost With The Lead Foot

Apparently this ghost was in no hurry to come down to the parlor at Tinker Swiss Cottage, 411 Kent St. Our host, Dean, has a perfectly good explanation for all of this. "If it's Tinker he might take a little bit. He's got a lead foot." And you thought ghosts just floated in the air.