Jennifer Daly is a mother from Lake in the Hills, Illinois. Over the weekend Jennifer says her and her two sons were asked to leave the movie theater after one of her sons was 'making too much noise'.

According to FOX -

Jennifer Daly says it's not easy taking her two boys to the movies because her 3.5-year-old son Jonathan has a rare form of dwarfism and needs to be taken around in a wheelchair with medical equipment. While he can’t talk, Jonathan is very animated and can make some sounds.

So this weekend Jennifer decided to take her two sons to the movies to see 'Dumbo'. FOX details -

 About an hour into the movie, Daly said Jonathan started laughing and making noises. She said 10 minutes later, an AMC employee approached them and said there was a noise complaint of a baby crying, and they were asked to leave the theater.

AMC Theaters said it was an 'ongoing disruption' and they had received complaints. However, Jennifer isn't as upset at the theater as she is at the whole situation.

I don’t want anything from them. All I want is for them to train their staff better. I want people to be aware that we have to be more kind to each other and put ourselves in each other’s situations once in awhile, and remember to be kinder to each other before jumping to some conclusions.

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