One week before Emmalyn's 5th brain surgery, her family asked for Get Well cards. In the last two weeks she's had 2 more surgeries and is fighting to recover.

When Emmalyn's mom contacted us to say thank you on her daughter's behalf for the hundreds of cards and letters that were sent, she said her recovery was going pretty well. Just a couple days later that changed and she had to be rushed from Mt. Morris, Illinois to a hospital in Indiana.

Emmalyn Freeze is 7 years-old and has Severe Chronic Neutropenia, a rare blood disorder characterized by abnormally low levels of certain white blood cells in the body. Her young life is interrupted by numerous fevers and upper respiratory infections that appear to not be caused by the SCN. She aIso suffers from Chiari malformation. In her short life, complications from her conditions have resulted in 7 brain surgeries, the last of which included a drain being removed and a shunt being placed.

The last two weeks of this family's life have been very traumatic. One minute Emmalyn seems to be recovering as she should and the next moment she's suffering from fevers and dizziness. As of a few days ago, the fever and dizziness required a trip to a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

We have one more simple request of you...

Emmalyn's mother and I have been communicating through text messages and calls for the last few weeks and from those conversations, I know what would bring this little girl some joy. She asked her mom as the cards you all have sent were arriving if it was possible Taylor Swift could send her a card. While there was no card from Taylor yet, I believe we could help make that happen for Emmalyn. Below, are a twitter account and an Instagram account that we need you to follow. I believe if enough of us share some of the pictures on those social media accounts, we might get Taylor Swift's attention. Over the years, Taylor's kindness toward her fans who are struggling has been truly inspiring. Never have I seen a music star like Taylor care so much about their fans. We're not asking Taylor for concert tickets, a personal visit or money, just a card wishing Emmalyn a speedy recovery. Something that Emmalyn could look at everyday and know that the girl who made the music she adores cared enough to help her smile through a very difficult time in her life.

When you share these pictures on Twitter and Instagram, be sure to tag Taylor in your post. These links are Taylor's accounts: @taylorswift13 on Twitter and taylorswift on Instagram. Also include this hashtag #TaylorForEmmalyn

EveryoneForEmmalyn on Twitter and Instagam


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