There are many useful pieces information to be found on how to best navigate Prime Day. And this year, it's actually two days.

Because Amazon wants all of our money, they've opted to make these Prime Day prices available for 48 hours. Do you know how much money i could spend on Amazon in 48 hours? My girlfriend just answered with "I do", and that right there leads me to the first tip

My 3 Favorite and Most Useful Tips For Amazon Prime Day

  1. If you don't NEED it, don't buy it. Amazon Prime Day temptation is hard to resist. But think about this. If you didn't need the product, it doesn't matter how discounted it is, it's still money you didn't need to spend.
  2. If you sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial membership, set an alarm on your phone the the day before Amazon charges you for the first month that is part of your free trial. (like, you should do that right now).
  3. Save the big electronics purchases for Black Friday. And just because I care about you, have these kinds of high dollar items shipped to your workplace instead of your front porch while you aren't home. Two words... Porch Pirates.

Thank you to, for inspiring this short, but useful tip list. They have provided more help in navigating Amazon Prime Day.


My girlfriend says that I really just walked a fine line between truth and lies. She says I lack the ability to differentiate between needs and wants, when it comes to my Amazon shopping cart. I would appreciate it if you let her know that I tried to help others where I have failed. Good luck.

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