It's cookie season - but you might want to think twice before baking those pre-made cookies you have in your fridge right now.

Nestle Toll House has issued a massive recall due to reports that the dough had been contaminated with food-grade rubber pieces.. And I can't lie, I had some of these packages in my fridge.

So it's for more than 20 varieties of ready-to-bake refrigerated cookie dough bars, tubs and tube-shaped "chubs," according to a press release issued by the company.

Today details some specific products -

The recall also includes specific batches of M&M's Everyday Cookie Dough, M&M's Ghouls Mix Cookie Dough and M&M's Holiday Cookie Dough products.

So how do you know if your product is bad? According to Today -

The recall is limited only to the ready-to-bake refrigerated products below, with batch codes that begin with 9189 through batch codes that begin with 9295.

If you have an affected product here's what you do -

Customers are also able to retain a proof of purchase and contact Nestlé Consumer Services at if they wish to purchase a new cookie dough product. The company's consumer hotline is also available for those seeking more info at 1-800-681-1676.

So be sure to check your fridge before you start baking.
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