A new bill starting to shuffle around Springfield would require employers to adopt a 'sick day' policy for all employees.

State Senator Toi Hutchinson, D-Olympia Fields, is the bill's sponsor. The Healthy Workplace Act would end that feeling of being forced to choose to go to work and keep struggling to make ends meet, when the best thing is to tend to your family's or your one health needs, according to newschannel20.com.

Some of the research done to prepare this bill revealed that there are over 2 million employees in Illinois' private sector that do not have a right to paid sick days. The data also shows that over three-quarters of the state's lowest-wage workers get no paid sick time and can't afford to take off work.

The bill passed through the Senate on three separate occasions but stalls out in the House each time. Again, the Healthy Workplace Act is now waiting for a vote from the House.

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