It was at this time last year that I was in Minneapolis for my best friend's birthday; we were having drinks at Cowboy Jacks on the rooftop that overlooks Target Field; having the time of our lives. In the midst of light beers and lemon drops I distinctly recall a moment where I thought to myself, "Rockford needs one of these."

Fast forward one year and my wish, and quite possibly yours too, is about to become true. We knew that rooftop dining was coming to Rockford but we didn't exactly know when. Well, now we do.

The Standard's first event is scheduled for June 23rd for the RAMP fundraiser; WIFR says the first and second floors will be completed by then and guests will be able to tour the entire space.

The entire venue will be ready for you to sip martinis, indulge in tasty apps and mingle by mid-August. Cheers.

Who's ready for this?

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