As if you needed any more reason than the sprinkling of snow and frigid temperatures to leave the Land of Lincoln.

Now it seems people are moving out of Illinois even when the weather is slightly more tolerable.

According to new data from the IRS, more than 250 thousand people moved out of Illinois in 2015, while only 165,000 actually moved in.

That's a grand total of "nearly 5 billion more dollars in income left the state than came in" says WSIL.

Where are all the Illinois residents moving when the move out of state? Well, per WSIL, nearly 8,000 have moved to Wisconsin, with 6,000 off to the Hoosier state, Indiana.

It's not like winter weather is a bit milder in Wisconsin or Indiana, so then what is it?

People Are Leaving Illinois At A Record Setting Pace

People are leaving Illinois citing "taxes, government, jobs" and "education" as reasons for their departure from the state.

Are you considering or have you thought about leaving Illinois? Why? Tell us!

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