Sure you like taking your kids to the drive-in, but sometimes you want to see something a little more 'adult.'

Yes we all love Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, but let's face it, those of us over 18 like other movies too.

And there is finally a drive-in that is showing something that's not exactly suitable for the whole family.

But, as you expected, it is a throwback.

Chicago Drive-In, which is at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates is showing American Pie this Friday night... at midnight.

Which I mean, I guess I understand, but those enough old enough to remember when American Pie was released are also pretty tired at midnight.

You get half-off the American Pie admission if you start your night with National Lampoon's Vacation at 9 p.m., otherwise it'll cost you $50 for a preferred car spot or $30 for a GA spot.

I'm all about going out in the few ways we're allowed to right now... but $50 to see American Pie? I'm pretty sure it's streaming for like $4.99.

Also my brother might have it on VHS.

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