The days of wearing headphones with no music playing to avoid awkward conversation when you're getting a ride are over. You know you've done it... everyone has! Sometimes you just don't want to make small talk with the driver.

According to CBS News -

Uber just launched a new preference in the app that allows you to specify what level of conversation you'd like to have during your Uber ride. Starting on Tuesday in the U.S., riders can choose between “Quiet preferred” and “happy to chat” in the app. Or, if you don't care one way or the other, you can just leave the setting at “No preference.” The driver will get a heads-up before you're picked up, so they know what type of mood you're in.

AMAZING! But there's a catch .... kind of. The setting is offered only for premium Uber rides, which means you'll only get the choice before you take Uber Black or Uber Black SUV trips.

So next time you're feeling like a quiet ride, ball out on a special Uber and let the driver know what's up ahead of time.

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