In the northern midwest, there is never a wrong time for a fire. In fact, it should be illegal to not host or attend a bonfire or smaller at least once a quarter. These contained fires don't always have to be for a special occasion but more of a way for a relaxing time for conversations. But, sometimes people don't have a place for said fires. This means they have to crash someone else's fire or run to the store and buy some sort of fire pit. Of all the fire pits I've seen in my day none of them compare to the fire pits I'm about to show you. There is a company in Sharon, Wisconsin that just threw a wrench in every fire pit manufacturer's game because these are lit.

The company is Rusted Rooster Fab and, according to their website, they can handle all things metal. Mobile welding, excavator and dump truck repair, security bars and metal fences, business signs and promotions, and completely customizable fire its, smokers, grills, and more. And when they say custom they're not kidding. All I needed was to see one photo and I got hooked. 

I will be straight up with you and let you know the pricing isn't exactly cheap. Think of it this way, though. Your friends and family gathered around one of these fire pits or grills and you will be the king (or queen) of the party. Your house will be famous for the awesome grill/fire pit that none of them have likely seen before. The top tier product listed on Ruster Rooster Fab's website is a full-body GP unlimited fire pit listed at $675.

Rusted Rooster Fab

If that's a little steep there are great fire pits listed at $250, a small price to pay to have the coolest fire pit on your block. And, for kicks and grins, look at this wine bottle opener.

Rusted Rooster Fab

You can find that and more HERE.

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