Chris, Lance, JC, Joey and Justin are basically millennium royalty and getting the chance to talk one of them is an absolute dream.

Let's go back to last week... on Good Day Stateline we are really lucky to get the chance to interview some of the contestant on The Masked Singer.

This started sometime last year and it's really fun addition to our show and my favorite part of the interviews is the surprise element.

We don't know until the night before who we'll get the chance to talk to. It could be ANYONE.

The first week of the new season, I got to talk to Eric Idle from Monty Python, which was incredible in its own right, but also a chance for Eric and I to shine a light on Pancreatic Cancer.

This past week I thought, wow Eric Idle is pretty famous... who will I get to talk to next?

I NEVER would've guessed the next 'unmasked' singer would be from NSYNC?!

Are you kidding me?! The most famous people in my brains are boy bands and pop stars!?!?

Chris Kirkpatrick was the 'Hummingbird' on The Masked Singer and being able to talk to him was pretty darn cool.

We talked about his appearance on The Masked Singer, his time performing in NSYNC and of course I needed to know his fave NSYNC song, 'Girlfriend,' topped his list, you can find out the other songs he loves in the interview.


I can't wait to find out. You can join me weeknights on Good Day Stateline on FOX39 at 5:30 and 11pm.

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