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Whether you are a Badger, Illini, or Hawkeye fan...Rejoice, Big-10 Football is back, baby!

On October 24th, Big-10 teams will begin a schedule of eight games, in eight weeks. ESPN After a vote by all of the league's presidents and chancellors, it was unanimous, Big-10 Football will be played in 2020.

The newer, and more rapid way of testing was the big thing that put this voting over the top (cough, cough, lots of money, cough, cough, millions and millions of dollars lost....) So daily testing of players and staff for COVID-19 with quicker result returns will happen, this made the important people happy.

Eight games, eight weeks, with the conference championship game on December 19th.

Teams are happy, schools appear to be happy, all the other fall school sports are happy...oh wait, maybe not.


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