2020 ... can you please chill?

We don't need anything else added to this crazy year that already feels like the most messed up movie plot ever. Yet here we are, adding more craziness. Mysterious seeds are being sent from foreign countries and being shipped to homes here in Illinois and other states across the country. Why? Because 2020.

But actually, if you get these mysterious seeds shipped to your home, officials have suggestions on what NOT to do and what you SHOULD do with them.

The Dekalb office of the Illinois Department of Agriculture has already received over 100 calls from people who received the seeds. One location they're being sent from is "Bishkek Kyrgyzstan".

Agriculture officials are warning those who receive them NOT to toss them out or plant them. Officials say if you receive seeds in the mail you did not order, do not open the package and instead contact your state’s department of agriculture so they can investigate.

There's obviously the worry that they can introduce foreign disease and harm to our live stock, crops, and health in general. But the reason their being shipped could also be to generate good reviews for different foreign companies. According to WGN -

They will send out random packages to unsuspecting individuals. The post office then will scan that that package was delivered in a timely fashion so it looks like it was a good sale, that overseas company will then go back into the fake account and leave themselves positive reviews saying it was great shipping or that product arrived as described.

Either way, please don't plant them, consume them, or throw them out. Contact your state's department of agriculture.

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