If your loneliness is killing you, don't fret, a Britney Spears musical is coming to Chicago.

I never knew I needed a Britney Spears musical and now I can't imagine missing this show.

Seriously, guys, a BRITNEY SPEARS MUSICAL In Chicago. Which is about as close as I'm going to get to seeing Britney perform live.

So hears the deal, the Britney musical is debuting this fall and will probably make an appearance on Broadway after the soft opening in Chicago.

The show is called, Once Upon a One More Time and isn't about Britney, it's instead about Cinderella, Snow White and other princesses and their book club... yes it sounds like pure silliness but Britney songs will be the soundtrack.

Including deep tracks.... you know you're hoping to hear 'E-mail My Heart,' as much as I am.

The show opens on November 13 running through December 1, according to Entertainment Weekly, tickets go on sale August 4.

Setting an alert in my calendar right now.

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