St. Patricks Day was this weekend and a lot of people celebrated by attending their town's local St Patty's Day parades. One Illinois town's parade is a little different than the rest though. The town is Chatham, IL. What's unique about this town's parade? It calls itself the world's shortest parade.

I cannot confirm or deny if this is ACTUALLY the shortest in the world. But I'd be willing to bet my money it's one of the shortest. The time?


To watch it head here.

Here's what it's looked like in the past -

News Channel 20 details -

The organizers of the 89-foot long parade say the crowd has grown over the years. It started out probably about twenty-five to thirty people and here we are about 400 hundred people. The parade started at 2:30 p.m. and ended roughly at 2:32 p.m.

It was a St. Patrick's Day full of fun and festivities along with sounds from the Irish rockers Skibereen.

I've never personally been to a St Patty's Day parade before because I always think parades are too long. I guess I've finally found one that I would enjoy.

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