With all eyes on her at all times, Megan Markle has been making sure every time she steps out her fashion game is nothing less than strong.  She has given us plenty of iconic looks in the past months, but one that stuck with a lot of people was her reception dress look.  So much so that a fashion brand has taken it upon themselves to make their own version so that everyone can feel royal.

Fashionnova is a clothing brand that is known for recreating iconic celebrity looks at a cost that everyone can afford. They did this with Kylie Jenner's all sparkle birthday body suit, and now their taking their shot at the royal's fashion moments.  Because let's be honest, the normal person cannot afford to spend $4,657 on a dress.

Megan Markle has officially inspired Fashionnova's 'The Royal Debut Dress'.  For the low cost of $44.99 you can have your father and sister shadily coming after you through the press. According to Bustle -

It may feel as though this knockoff is coming to you super late, since Markle has debuted some quite gag-worthy looks, but it's being sold just in time for the holiday. And it doesn't hurt that it acts as an excuse to attend a super cool Christmas party.

You're welcome for your Christmas fashion inspiration.

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