Like it or not, winter is coming.

Sorry for the Game of Thrones reference but for real, summer is ending, and before you know it we'll be freezing our behinds off.

At least in the Midwest, we get to experience autumn before winter really hits.

Like it or not, in the midwest, Illinois and Rockford especially get to experience all four seasons.

Bridge over sandstone rock cliffs in Wisconsin Dells area
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While most of the world loves summer, and why not, schools out, that's when people congregate and go on vacations, but for me, I'll take fall any day of the week.

It's the temp, the turning of the leaves, and the finality of summer that really get me.

It also helps that when the leaves start to change colors, it's really pretty to look at.

I mean, have you ever taken a drive down Route 2 between Rockford and Byron or Oregon on a beautiful Fall day? The color of the leaves, it's nearly perfect, at least in my eyes.

red maple tree on foggy morning in Wisconsin
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Then I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see a place that isn't far from Rockford land on a list of the Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States.

It's kind of a miracle though. The list is absolutely stuffed with locations on the east coast like in New York, Maine, and New Hampshire making room for only one midwest location.

From what I hear those east coast cities totally deserve to be on the list, but so does Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin apparently.

Travel & Leisure:

Along the Wisconsin River is a strikingly beautiful, glacier-formed gorge known as the Wisconsin Dells. During the fall, the Dells are particularly peaceful, which is ideal for leaf peepers who want to steal the perfect shot of the changing foliage. Boat tours, river walks, and sightseeing in Devil's Lake State Park are some of the most popular attractions there.

morning fog on lake in Wisconsin Dells in Autumn
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Do you agree? If you were to pick a town in the Rockford area that you'd say has the best fall foliage what would you say? Tell us!

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