When you're one of Rockford's most popular restaurants, any change made will not go unnoticed.

I've lived in and around Rockford for quite a while and I'm not sure what the hubbub is with the salt.

I'm sure it's fine. For me though, Beef-a-Roo is about the other stuff. You know, like, the meals?

For others, the salt is a reason why they eat at Beef-a-Roo. Yes, the seasoning salt. Something that sounds like the discerning eater (unlike myself) would be able to know the difference between good and bad and especially if the recipe were to change.

To me, salt tastes like, well, salt.

I'm in the minority on this one, because the seasoning salt is so popular Beef-a-Roo actually sells the stuff online. I was unaware of this too, but I was intrigued nonetheless, but even more, after I read some of the comments.

At first, they're all positive notes from happy customers until you scroll a bit further down where I noticed this from Lori Thompson. She says, "Not happy about your change in seasoning salt." Wait, what? Beef-a-Roo changed the recipe? Thompson adds "We would like to know if there is a way to buy a few bags of the original salt."

Beef-a-Roo responded to Thompson's comment with "The 'original' salt company stopped making our salt. We took the original recipe and have a new company making it. Grains or consistency is a little coarser now."

Whoa. Truth bomb. Did you know that Beef-a-Roo changed their seasoning salt? Does it taste any different to you? I'd do a taste test but I fear I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference in recipes.

Now, if Beef-a-Roo changes their recipe for Cheddar Fries, that's when things will get a little salty.

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