Have you ever had a wine that tastes this grape-y?

Think back to your childhood.

Maybe you didn't like orange juice, but your mom let you have something other than milk for lunch.

There it was, the most delicious, sweet, but also tart, Concord grape juice.

Now add alcohol.

I know, I know, it's amazing. That's pretty much what's going on at DC Estate Winery with their 'Reflection of Red' wine.

If for some crazy reason you try it and don't like it, lemme know and I'll come finish your glass.

But wait, there's more. When you head to DC Estate Winery, resist the urge to immediately clink and chug.

I know it's hard, but when you use the 5 'S' steps that Ashley taught me, you will enjoy the wine just a tiny bit more.

But Ashley says once you know the steps, it's ok to chug once in a while.

Huge thanks to Ashley and the whole 'Drinking Coach' family!

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