You're probably unaware that today is one of the best days of the year.

A combination of two of my favorite things, beer and pizza, yes, it's International Beer and Pizza Day.

For me, I'm all about good beer and good pizza. Excellent pizza can be ruined by so-so beer and vice versa.

That's why if you're like me and looking all over Rockford for the best joint to celebrate a day as important as International Beer and Pizza Day, you need to find a place that does both most excellently.

When you only have beer and pizza on your menu (plus a few other things), it's hard to argue against celebrating International Beer and Pizza Day in Rockford at Carlyle Brewing 215 East State Street.

Some on Yelp took issue with Carlyle's pizza saying "locals will have you believe this pizza is heaven-sent. It isn't..these folks just don't know a good pie." while other mentioned the service: "Try SMILING once in a while."

On the other hand, most Yelp reviewers rave about Carlyle saying the place has "great beer, great service, great patrons" and "great atmosphere." Others talk even more positively about the pizza mentioning Carlyle is "known for their pizza and it hits the spot."

Regardless, you should kick back, grab a pint of Vanilla Cream Ale and order an Elote Pizza at Carlyle Brewing Co. because it's International Beer and Pizza Day and it only happens once a year.

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