A complaint about the lack of discretion for red lights in the Rockford area may have inadvertently ignited support for something we could sorely need in town, red light cameras.

Has anybody else noticed that in Rockford recently everyone seems to run red lights for like 5 secs after they turn red? I have seen so many accidents and near accidents because of this.

True, cars speeding through street lights just as they turn red does occur often in Rockford.

However, the same holds true for every urban area. The Redditor who listed the complaint did have a good idea for how to work around the issue:

I would support red light cameras in Rockford. They are really a pain to deal with in the suburbs and Chicago but I think once people start getting hit with $150 tickets for each occurrence they will stop driving so poorly.

At first, there were many issues with the red light cameras in Chicago. Since then it seems the city may have figured it out. They put together a comprehensive document explaining how Red Light Camera Enforcement works in Chicago and it's really detailed.

Implementation of Red Light Camera Enforcement in Rockford would be a win for nearly everyone. Hypothetically, fines could be put into the city's infrastructure while at the same time keep the roads safer for everyone behind the wheel.

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