I have SO much respect and admiration for any parent right now. Parenting in 2020 is not normal parenting, it's basically trying to tight rope walking over a pit of lava while on a unicycle and you're also juggling AND at the same time you have kids to raise. That's being a parent in 2020.

So as much as I HATE to add anything to the list of things to do before this next school year, this one feels important.

Super Lice.

WTVO details -

Over the years, as with bacterial infections, and others, the agent of infection, the lice develop resistance. They select for genetics, if you will, that allow them to survive despite what used to be effective treatments.

Even with social distancing measures, lice can still jump from kid to kid. So with school starting up, it's important to check your kid. It's more than just combing through their hair. According to WTVO -

Doctors say the key is parents need to look closely, not just at the scalp to check for lice, but at their child’s overall health. With so many hyper focused on COVID, other important health markers are being missed.

Of course there is medicine to get ride of lice, or you can go through and pick them out by hand. But you should probably just do a check before your child goes back to school and is exposed to other kids.

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