Do you ever watch, read or listen to the news and hear something that makes you say, "hmmm, must be a slow news day if they're talking about _________."

That's what fans of the Rockford Rocked Facebook page were thinking yesterday when the administrator shared this post:

Sure, the page is dedicated to sharing the times that Rockford "rocked" but people who follow the page were confused and upset by why this type of behavior was being highlighted on their page.

Some of the best comments were:

"Why post an old video? You're just perpetuating a stereotype while not helping Rockford at all."

"This was a very long time ago...."

"Classless "journalism" Rockford Rocked! Just fishing for attention like a 4 year old throwing a fit."

"From 2012?"

"I feel like I saw this awhile ago..."

Then I saw this interesting comment:

"This is the one in the Eminem video."

Hold on....the fight from this video is in an Eminem video?

Yep, it only lasts a second, but if you fast forward to :27, you'll see it and you'll see Eminem impersonating the foot stomp, too.

You have to wonder, how did the director of this video even come across the footage from the fight in Rock

While we're on the subject of Eminem, he recently landed in the news because his version of the word "Stan", from his hit song with Dido, has been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

According to Billboard, "Stan" can be defined as a noun and a verb:

"An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity") and a verb ("Be an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity").

So all you Stans of the Rockford Rocked page can relax, they know the video is old and they appreciate your opinion; it's their thing to share some of the great...and not so great moments from Rockford's past.

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