Well, you know what they say, you never know unless you try.

I mentioned to my boyfriend while watching this weekend's playoff games that I thought it was silly that the Super Bowl is on a Sunday. Trust me, I get it. That day belongs to the NFL, however, wouldn't we all be happier and less hungover if it was on a Saturday? I think yes.

Apparently other people agree with me. But it's a little late to make that big of a change to this year's game. The petition is aimed at next year's game. Click2Houston details -

According to a petition on Change.org, the creator, Frank Ruggeri, a Rochester, NY resident, says if the Super Bowl were to move to Saturday, it would get more money and attract visitors to the game.

Ruggeri also believes the NFL will get more television views because most government jobs will have the day off and more children will be interested as well.

I don't think his logic is that wrong. As of right not almost 7,000 people have signed it. Will you?

You can sign it here.

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