If you're on a diet, watching what you eat, or you're eating according to your goals (there are so many ways to describe trying to eat clean, isn't there?), you probably find it difficult to dine out.

While your friends are ordering their burgers and fries, you're whispering to the server, "I don't mean to be THAT guy, but can I get the All American burger with american cheese, but no bun? Oh, and I'll have a salad for the side instead of the fries." If eye rolls were audible, you can almost hear everyone's at the table.

Sound familiar? If you said "yes," then you're in luck, because a health food cafe in Loves Park is opening a new location.

According to WREX, Thrive Cafe has been so popular that it was necessary to expand.
WREX.com – Rockford’s News Leader
This is exciting news, especially for anyone who had no idea Thrive existed; and if you did, I bet you thought you had to be a member at Peak to eat there.

I'm looking forward to the grand opening, which will happen soon at 6731 Broadcast Parkway.

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