How many pizzas have you eaten in your life? 50? 60? Can you imagine eating millions of pizzas? One Rockford restaurant is celebrating serving over three million.

Pizza. It's the best. But really, it is. How many times do you worry about what to eat for dinner or about what to serve to a party an you're just like, 'let's order a pizza.'

It's the answer to most of life's problems and it's delicious and makes great leftovers.

Here in Rockford we are blessed with a ton of delicious pizza places, it's one of the first things I realized when I moved here in 2016, holy cow the pizza in Rockford is amazing!

And one of the most amazing pizza restaurants in the Stateline is celebrating serving over three millions pizzas.

Read that again. Not three million slices, no, three million pizzas.

That restaurant is Capri.

In celebration of the three million pizza milestone, Yackle Tees is selling Capri t-shirts honoring the man who started it all, Vito Grisanzio.

For 60 years, he's owned Capri and his birthday is coming up, May 26, which is when you can pick up your shirt if you want to get in on the pizza celebrating fun.

You need to get that order in by next Wednesday, May 18 and you can place your order here. 

And if you just want to order a pizza, you can do that here. I could go for a number 22 right now.

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