When you're the most popular hot dog chain in the Midwest, it's only natural that you'd start delivering the goods.

That's what Portillo's is doing starting today. When the news first broke, I was elated. "Portillo's delivered to my doorstep?" I thought. Well, I thought wrong.

The Daily Herald said today, "The delivery service will be available at all Chicago and suburban restaurants and 94 percent of restaurants nationwide."

No longer a Portillo's virgin 🌭

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The six percent that isn't going to get a delivery service "is not currently available from restaurants in Normal and Rockford."

Before you grab a pitchfork and torch, it's not really Portillo's fault. If you want to blame someone for Portillo's not being available, point all your anger at DoorDash.

DoorDash is a food delivery service that is currently not available in Rockford.

Popular Restaurant Chain Announces Food Delivery For Everywhere But Rockford

Rockford residents can take solace in knowing that DoorDash is coming soon. If you've been in town for a while you know how long it took to get an actual Portillo's to open up shop.

Now we just need to wait a bit longer for someone to bring Portillo's to our house.

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