Airline passengers could face a fine in the future for grabbing their luggage during an evacuation.

It's a traveler's worst nightmare, having an emergency evacuation from an airplane.

Have you ever imagined yourself in that situation? Of course, your priority is getting you and your family to safety. What about your carry on? The last thing I'm thinking about is my luggage. That is just stuff and it's replaceable.

During a recent incident at O'Hare, some of the passengers felt their bags were too important to leave behind.

According to,

"In an incident, there was a baggage mutiny aboard a jetliner that had slid from the O'Hare runway. With the plane’s nose wheel on the grass, travelers had to disembark on the airfield and were told by the captain and flight attendants to leave luggage, but “several passengers” argued, and “several did not listen," which delayed the evacuation."

This whole thing surprises me because the last thing I would be thinking about is my carry on.

What is the solution to this problem?

"The National Transportation Board Suggests “Maybe issue fines for passengers who take luggage.”

I totally agree with that. If people are going to be stupid, then they deserve to pay a penalty.

What do you think?


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