You've seen me write about Pride events in the Rockford area, but this one on June 25th is another special event you can get involved in!

As we celebrate Pride all month long, many organizations offer services and outreach to anybody in the LGBTQIA+ Community needing a safe place to go.  I'm an ally to the Community because I believe in equality, respect, unity, and inclusivity.

The Liam Foundation is just one of many organizations that provides services for all persons within our LGBTQIA+ community by offering safe and welcoming facilities for our community.


If you're down to run for unity, inclusivity, and love check out the Pride Run coming to The Office Niteclub this month.  For just $25, you'll have access to the Pride Run and receive a free racing bib, event t-shirt, and a bag full of awesome goodies to take home!  The event starts at 12pm on June 25th downtown.

A portion of the proceeds benefit The Liam Foundation, the first LGBTQIA+ Resource Center in Rockford!

The Liam Foundation's mission is to encourage, assist, heal and empower our LGBTQIA+ community through respect, advocacy, and passionate hearts to promote thriving in society.

Beyond this Pride Run, if you'd love to start getting involved, volunteer, learn more about the The Liam Foundation and meet their team, visit their website for more resources!  If you're part of the Community and are seeking assistance please don't hesitate to reach out, too.

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