Many people's dreams came true when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. For one local woman, her dream involved another Chicago team.

A 75-year-old woman got to go to her first Chicago Blackwhaks game on December 12th.The experience soon became unforgettable. The snow made the car ride there take longer than usual. There was a scarf giveaway that this woman had looked very forward to getting. Her neighbor who took her to the game still got them there 45min before ice time, but the scarves were all gone. Despite this, it didn't dampen her mood one bit. She was still so excited for the experience of the game.

When she got to her seat, she struck up a conversation with two young men who were sitting next to her. When they heard how badly she had wanted the scarf, one of the young men gave his to her and wished her a Merry Christmas. She was over the moon thrilled, and very impressed with how these 2 men from a much younger generation were so thoughtful and respectful. They took care of her throughout the game, and one of them even stood in line for 45 min to get her her first Hawks game certificate. Her neighbor who took her to the game posted on Facebook about how grateful she was to these two young men for giving her friend such a joyful experience. It was her mission to find them and give them an appropriate thank you for all they did for her friend.

And it worked. They were found. This just goes to show how one small act of kindness can totally change a person's life. Remember that going into the new year. YOU can make a difference. Sometimes it only takes as much as a smile.