Raise your hand if you used to get excited walking around an electronics store and playing with all the gadgets.  It might be possible again in Illinois!

When I was in grade school, one of my favorite things to do with my dad was go walk around electronics stores.  We would never actually buy anything, but it was always a fun time playing with all the products I couldn't afford.

RadioShack And Chief Creative Officer Nick Cannon Launch Ncredible Product Line
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It's nostalgic to think at one point in time we could find any type of cords, headphones, radios, and speakers we needed at one store and didn't have to turn to Amazon or Temu to order anything.

Well, we might be able to relive that nostalgia because one of my favorite stores of all time might be making a comeback to Illinois!

RadioShack Could Be Making Its Way Back To Illinois

"It has big plans to not only revamp its website but also to build back its brick-and-mortar presence in the U.S." [thestreet]

Did you know RadioShack had 7,000 locations globally and majority of them used to be in the United States?  Here were all the locations in Illinois.

Radio Shack Declares Bankruptcy
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Crazy how Amazon could take over the leaderboard and put RadioShack out of business.

I'm not totally sure how successful this company will be opening physical locations again, all I know is I'm about to kill time walking around looking at all the gadgets!

"The new owners plan to lean into the offerings that differentiate the brand Best Buy and chains like Target and Walmart that sell a lot of electronics." [thestreet]

In 2014, the RadioShack at CherryVale Mall had a cardboard cutout of their latest Samsung phone and I really wanted to keep the cutout.  After an hour of begging, the manager let me take it and nine years later I still have it at my apartment!

attachment-samsung cutout

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On RadioShack's website, it looks like they cater to more "influencers" and gamers than any other kind of creators in the world.  From ring lights, to gamer chairs, to LED portable speakers, this could be the comeback of the century!

"While specific details are yet to be revealed, the brand is expected to leverage its nostalgic appeal and iconic products to reconnect with its loyal customer base and attract a fresh wave of shoppers." [retail-insight-network]

Would your town benefit from a RadioShack?  Tell me your thoughts!

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