As things begin to escalate between the US and North Korea, and as the heart rates in people in Japan and Hawaii continue to deescalate after receiving false nuclear missile alerts in the last few days, one of things that's now top of mind for many Americans is being prepared for a future nuclear attack.

Are you prepared?

One way to prepare is to purchase a home with a fall out shelter. Sure, it's very Blast from the Past and there's a good chance that being shown a home with a bomb shelter might give you the feeling that a crazy person once lived there, but at least you'd be safe.

According to Estately, if that is a route you ever consider, there are three homes for sale in Illinois that have bomb shelters.

Take a look at this listing in Bourbonnais. Estately says,

This home has lots of storage, a work area in the garage, and even has a bomb shelter which can also be used for additional storage.

See more here.

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