Summer calls for vacations, cookouts, and most importantly: relaxing outside and getting that free Vitamin D!  With only a few months to enjoy it, here's how you should spend it, according to AI.

I could sit here and suggest so many fun activities you could do with your friends, family, and all the kiddos.  From finding the coolest hiking trails, to the best waterparks, and visiting local farmers markets, there's always something to do every day in the summer.

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Sometimes we love down time, though!  What's the best way to spend a summer day in Illinois?  I let AI tell me because I can never sit down.

Here's what it suggested:

Start with a Relaxing Breakfast @ 8am

Pick your favorite local breakfast spot!

Take a nature walk @ 11:30am

You can sightsee and maybe even spot waterfalls on your hike.

Have a picnic at a scenic spot @ 2:00pm

Grab all your favorite snacks, drinks, a blanket, and a portable speaker.  Find a park where there's not a lot of people and enjoy your meal.

Take an ice cream break @ 4pm

Have a sweet tooth after your picnic?  There are tons of ice cream shops in the state, pick one and dig in!

End the night with a movie @ 9pm

Whether you're a stay-in type of movie person or love a local theater, popcorn is always on the menu.  If you're like me, add some sugar on top and you're good to go!

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Make the most of your summer with the short time that we have in the Midwest.  Even AI wants you to have a summer to remember!

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