It still seems ridiculous to me to drive with a mask on when driving by yourself, but that is not the case when you're ride sharing,

We now have some new research that demonstrates that spreading covid while in the car is a real threat, when ride sharing. While members of the same family needn't worry so much, those sharing a work commute should consider a few things to help control the spread while in the car.

Scientists in Massachusetts studied the airflow inside vehicles and found that when the heat was on and the windows were up, there was a high risk for transmission of the virus, even when the passenger and driver weren't sitting side-by-side.

Even with the tips I'm about to share from these Brown University scientists, wearing a mask is always a good idea.

Here are 3 tips on the safest way to drive when ride sharing:

  • Drive with all four windows down
  • Have the passenger sit in the rear seat on the opposite side of the driver
  • Wear a mask when needed

If you're planning a lengthy road trip for the holidays, it's probably worth considering not going if you can't ride with only members of your immediate family.

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