A recent survey says Illinois is one of the most fun states in the U.S.. The truth is that Chicago is the biggest reason for the ranking. Here's another truth, there's so much more than the Windy City when it comes to going on an adventure.

Illinois is One of the Most Fun States in America


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No disrespect to one of the greatest cities in ANY country, but Chicago is not the end-all-be-all for fun in the state of Illinois. A survey chose Illinois as the 5th Most Fun State in America, and it's not just due to the Windy City.

I'm not a Chicago hater

It's just that when I've finished loading the car with everything and then driving to Chicago sounds like the kind of chaos my wife and I are trying to avoid when having some fun.

Chicago has thousands of great choices for fun things to see, do, AND EAT, but let's explore some other places that may not come to mind right away.

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There's a lot of state left once you drive south of Chicago. And, it's likely to be a lot more affordable.

How many fun cities south of Chicago can you name?

If that's a challenge for you to get past Geneva or Galena before pausing, this photo gallery will be a great reminder of the kind of fun adventures that exist south of Chicago.

Maybe some of these places aren't as close to Chicago as you are, but a good life has many adventures, so let's plan a few that get you further away from home.

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A recent survey says Illinois is one of the most fun states in the U.S. Chicago is the biggest reason for the ranking, but there's much more than the Windy City.

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