Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, besides being blessed with many musical talents, he's also blessed with a wonderful family, who's with him wherever he goes.

The Summer of 2020 has had its ups and downs. While I've missed nothing quite as much as I've missed going to concerts, I've loved how the COVID-19 pandemic has blessed me with more time together with my family. The same goes for the men and women we look forward to seeing on those stages again.

Hall of Fame guitarist, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, had a full schedule of shows this past summer, but I'd be willing to bet money he loved the time he got with his very large family even more.

Jason Kempin

I've heard that Rick's grandkids call him 'Grumpy', but this incredibly cool, custom jacket show's he's anything but grumpy when it comes to the beautiful family that he and his wife Karen (pictured above) have created. Rock star dreams weren't the only one's fulfilled.

Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen

Rick Nielsen is currently blending music and family with a new group named, The Nielsen Trust. The band features two of Rick's sons, Daxx and Miles, and Miles' wife, Kelly.


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