Students from Rochelle Middle School, using a 3-D printer, created a prosthetic arm for Chana farmer, Jake Hubbard.

According to the ABC World News Tonight, Hubbard lost his arm in a farming accident and has been using a replacement prosthetic for the past four years saying "it's a tool in my toolbox. It's not something you wear to go out."

That's when a Rochelle Middle School teacher, Mr. Worthington and his class, got to work.

After nearly a full year, the students at Rochelle Middle School finished the project. The students tremendous work received national attention. World News Tonight ran a story and posted it to their Facebook page. The video currently has over 100,000 views and 1,200 Facebook shares.

A comment under the Facebook video said, "I absolutely loved having Mr. Worthington as my tech lab teacher in 7th and 8th grade. I'm glad to see him get some recognition for the great things he does for his students and members of the community."

Others mention "This is Rochelle at its best," "Our future is in good hands like those of this wonderful class!" and "I'm proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves."

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