With every slice that has left their kitchen, this woman-owned cheesecake shop in Illinois has captured the taste buds of so many customers.  Now, their dreams of opening a storefront are finally coming true!

Every time CheeseKake Ko. has been down at Rockford City Market, I always made sure to get the sampler platter.  And yes, I eat every single piece of cheesecake before I leave the Market... no crumbs will ever be left behind.

A "little box of heaven" I like to call this...  because it is.  I'm a sucker for cheesecake.

Emily Manisone
Emily Manisone

Katelyn, Keri & Tina make some incredible homemade cheesecakes over at CheeseKake Ko.  They shared this on Facebook about the new brick-and-mortar they're opening in Ashton, Illinois:

"When we started this business, we always dreamed of having a brick and mortar. We would share so many different ideas and what we would do if we had our own storefront.
Sometimes I felt like we were living in a fantasy land dreaming about everything we could do. So let me tell you the surreal feeling of actually purchasing our very first brick and mortar.
Ashton, we are so excited to make you our new home!
Stay tuned for our grand opening of our very own CheeseKake Ko. storefront coming soon
Thank you everyone for helping make this possible for us"
Why not take a drive out to Ashton when CheeseKake Ko. officially opens their doors?  Driving 45 minutes to get some tasty desserts sounds like a worthy road trip to me!
CheeseKake Ko - FB
CheeseKake Ko - FB

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I'm so happy that their dreams are coming true, what a major accomplishment! Stay tuned for their Grand Opening date.

If you're looking for other places that have delicious sweets in the meantime, check out this story about Mac Brothers Cheesecakes.

Plus, Culture Crunch, Kung Fu Tea, and Boot Barn are the most recent businesses to open in Rockford, too.  Tons of new businesses to check out in the Stateline area!

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