Summer is a big season for community theatre in Rockford and this summer, Rock Valley College's Starlight Theatre productions have all been nominated for a big award.

Rockford is home to many unique places including one of my favorite spots in the summer, Rock Valley College's Starlight Theatre.

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In the middle of the college's campus, you'll find a giant outdoor theater that takes center stage (excuse my pun) each summer with the Starlight Theatre's Summer Season.

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Each summer, there are four huge shows that take place throughout the season and one more show dedicated to the little ones in the community that closes out the performance season.


This year, the four shows are: Legally Blonde, Guys & Dolls, The Color Purple and Newsies. Beauty and The Beast will close out the summer with kids, teens and tweens taking center stage.

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Right now, Starlight is in their tiny break, after round one of the big four have completed. Next week Legally Blonde will return and we'll get round two of each of the biggies.

Well that's all great info to have, the story I wanted to share with you today is that all four of the 'big' shows just received recommendations for a pretty awesome theater award, the Lou Theatre Awards.

According to Starlight's Facebook post:

A Lou recommendation is given to a production when, after the opening night of its run, at least one element of the show was deemed excellent by the opening night judges of the Lou Awards Nominating Committee. By receiving a recommendation, participating theatres are one step closer to receiving a nomination, which will be announced sometime in September 2024.'

Good luck to the cast of all four shows! You can get tickets to the remaining Starlight performances on their website: 

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