This summer, spend some extra time outside discovering a life-size chess set in a Chicago suburb.

We wait all year for summer and when it arrives, we have to make sure to take advantage of every minute!

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I say that as I am ready to fall asleep at my desk because I truly do stay up too late and take advantage of summer a little too much but this weekend that included a ton of time with my 9 year old nephew, Anderson.

We're pretty great buddies and this summer we both wanted to see Inside Out 2 (like most people out there... it's the number one movie of the year so far!). On Saturday we crossed seeing the movie off of our summer bucket lists and when the movie was over, we found something pretty cool outside of the theater, a life-size chess game.

I'd been to this theater a handful of times before, but it's probably been a decade since I was there in the summer, so I had no idea there were lawn games out for everyone to enjoy for free, how fun!


We were at the Star Cinema Grill in South Barrington, Illinois where, yes, the movie ticket and food and drinks were rather expensive... but a free chess game outside was a nice after movie activity.


Anderson actually knows how to play chess as opposed to me... so needless to say he beat me, just like his dad used to in the late 90s.

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We had a blast. What other fun free outdoor activities should we check out this summer?

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