Reality TV star and psychic medium Theresa Caputo, from TLC's Long Island Medium, is returning to Rockford this fall. With that in mind, she was gracious enough to call one of Rockford radio's morning shows to have a chat. The direction the conversation went was unexpected even for her.

JB's Dad


Nearly 20 years old, when I was 19, my dad suddenly passed away due to a heart attack. That night I had a very vivid dream with him standing in our kitchen and drinking a cup of coffee, which was a very regular thing. In the dream, he said, "Son, everything is going to be ok." I remember that dream like it happened last night. I've had other dreams about it but we didn't really speak, it was more like a background actor in a film except I knew who he was.

A few years ago my childrens' grandmother passed away and I've had a few dreams about her but in all the dreams we spoke to each other directly.

Little did I know Theresa Caputo would have a place in this story.


If you are, it's ok. Honestly, I'm not completely skeptical. I 100% believe there is something beyond this life, I believe Jesus is waiting with a big 'ole party ready to take place when we get there. I also believe in spirits and communication of sorts from those who left before us. But, I was a little skeptical about where this conversation with a "tv medium" might go.

TLC UK, YouTube
TLC UK, YouTube


When we spoke with Theresa I gave her a little nugget about these dreams and asked if this is my brain going its thing or if this is a thing for some people. She clarified that it is not uncommon but she doesn't see or connect with spirits in her dreams. Then, something happened. She was in mid-thought and told said my dad had a message for me.

It hit, hard. Why? Because over the past 19-20 years I've thought to myself, "man, I wish my dad was here for this." I've said it to myself over, and over, and over. I've even wondered what he would think of me today if he were here.

I want you to listen to what Theresa shared with me that brought me to tears behind closed doors.

Now, I want you to be open to witnessing what Theresa does in person on October 3 in Rockford. There could be someone important to you waiting to reach out to you directly without hints or "signs". You can find information about her show here.

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