If you didn't see the study that proves that Rockford has the worst drivers in Illinois, this local TV station proved it by sharing this hilarious photo.

What Illinois City Has The Worst Drivers

Before sharing your opinion, and I'm sure you have one, take a look at the facts. No matter where you're from, you'll likely believe your city has the worst drivers. I'm not saying you're wrong, but if your city isn't Rockford, you are just that... wrong.

Chicago traffic might be a nightmare and drivers are always flying on the freeway, but they're better drivers than Rockford drivers.

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If you haven't seen the new study on horrible drivers, it comes from Consumer Affairs,


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Rockford Has The Worst Drivers in Illinois

And not just in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois' sub-par drivers ranked nationally. Drivers in Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Victorville, California, Hepseria, California, and Pueblo, Colorado filled out the Top 10 worst drivers in America.

Rockford is #11.

They are not wrong. You can look at Consumer Affair's methodology, or I can just tell you from my own experience, we suck on the road.

If ever there was a photo that demonstrates that Rockford drivers are awful, this photo shared by MyStateline.com, is it. Can you imagine heading out to the car you left parked in the lot and you walk up on this?


Rockford drivers sitting at the top of the worst Illinois drivers list in just one sentence.

Rockford drivers are some of the worst speed limit ignoring, red light running, no turn signal using, roundabout strugglers I've ever witnessed.

As this Facebook post says,

Without a doubt.

As far as this study goes, accidents with fatalities due to bad driving or worse, speeding or booze, were the biggest factors in determining the worst cities.

The study defines 'bad driving' as, aggressive driving, careless driving, driving on the wrong side of the road, following improperly, making improper turns, driving a vehicle in an erratic, reckless, or negligent manner, and improper or erratic lane changes.

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