He saw her multiple times at Walmart on Northridge Sunday night,  but didn't get a chance to give her his number, can you help?

Usually I save Missed Connections for Fridays when I pull them from Rockford's Craigslist, but last night I got a message from Joshua, who wanted some help finding the woman he met at Walmart Sunday night.

Here's Joshua.


And here's what Joshua sent me:

Hi Michelle! I have no clue on how the Missed Connections thingy works...but last night, Sunday...about 8 I complemented a stunning blonde woman in workout gear at Wal-Mart on Northridge. I NEVER have done this before...but she seemed genuinely happy to be told that she was extremely beautiful and had a great aura about herself. She thanked me warmly and said she just got out of the gym and said now she's going to start blushing.

I passed by her a few more times after wishing her a good night, so as not to crowd her...or creep her out...but I wanted to take her on a date so badly...and when I looked to see if I could help her with her bags and ask, she was gone. I think she parked on the far side of the store, opposite me. Thing is, I felt a connection and I'd love to get the opportunity to tell her what I felt, and see if she indeed is available. Is there any way you could help? I would TRULY appreciate it!

I know there was a connection, because she kept looking over to me and smiling/waving about three other times...but I just didn't want to embarrass or spook her...after all, it IS Wal-Mart.

So Josh wants to find this stunning blonde from the Walmart, he gave me his full name and number so that the woman can contact him if we can find her!

Do you know her? This would be such a fun Missed Connection to make a real connection!

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