Fantasy football is serious business for most involved but for a guy who came in last place in one Rockford league, he might be taking it one step too far.

Then again, a deals a deal and his team came in last place so it was time for him to pay up.

In case you didn't know, it's not a new practice for last place teams in Fantasy football to face punishment for being so terrible.

Tattoos are a usual form a punishment as well, but the tattoo Rockford resident Jacob Starr received for coming in last place in his fantasy league might be the worst thing ever.

So last Sunday, Jacob Starr the owner of the last place team in his fantasy football league got a tattoo decided by members of his league.

Rockford Guy's Fantasy Football Punishment May Have Gone One Step Too Far
Submitted by Jacob Starr

Yikes. Word of warning, you better be good if you're going to play fantasy football with Starr's bunch. If you're not, you'll have a reminder of how awful your team was for the rest of your life.


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