If you and I are friends on Facebook, you know that every other week or so I like to do a Facebook live video that I like to call, "Honk if You're Hungry."

In the video, I drive to different places in Rockford, try new foods and give them a rating; kind of like a 5 star rating, except I give them "honks."

My most recent video featured the new nacho fries from Taco Bell; they were good but nothing special. I mean, anyone can pair seasoned fries with nacho cheese...so, they got two stars for taste, four stars for price.

I wonder what Collin Delia of the Rockford IceHogs would've thought? He didn't try them on this visit, but he did try some of my other favorites from "Rockford's Best Mexican Restaurant," in his own review video.

Looks like I might have a new co-host for my next "Honk if You're Hungry" video, and a reason to check out an IceHogs game on a Tuesday night.

Bonus Video

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