We might not be ready for October just yet, but we're sure ready to add Rockford Icehogs games to our calendars!

One of the greatest parts about living in Rockford is having the Rockford Icehogs to take us from fall to spring.

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Being able to pop into the BMO Center for a game almost forty times a season is a gift to all of Rockford, especially when you consider how much fun it is to go to an Icehogs game!

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I might be a little bias... I did start spending most of my free nights and weekends with the Icehogs last season as one of their MCs, but bias or not, it's a blast!

As an Aries, I'm also a massive planner, so I was pretty excited to hear that four months in advance we already found out six Saturdays that the Icehogs will be playing at home next season.

It's pretty fun to have plans for February 2025 already isn't it?

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While we wait for an exciting and early opening night with the Icehogs this year on October 12, you can continue to have fun with the Icehogs on their Facebook page every Tuesday with Tuesday Live Trivia.

And if you're looking to grab some Icehogs and Chicago Blackhawks gear on the cheap, plan to stop by the Icehogs garage sale next Friday, June 28 and Saturday June 29 at the BMO Center.

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