Escape rooms are the trendiest way to hang with your friends and family and we are getting a new one in Rockford.

When I first heard about escape rooms I thought they were pretty scary. I was under the impression that the rooms were super small and that you'd feel trapped inside and I wasn't too interested.

Then in November my friend invited me to join her family for an escape room and OMG it was the best hour of my life.

My brain was never so utilized!

It was not scary at all and it was loads of fun and this morning when I discovered a new one was coming to Rockford, I. Was. Pumped.

815 Escape will hit E. State street in the middle of March and will have three different escape room options for you to try.

The three room themes are: 'Mysteries of the Orient,' 'The Game is On,' and 'Bio-Genesis,' and like most escape rooms, you and your team get an hour to complete the mission.

I'm so excited!

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